Getting Started

Tutorials & Resources

The tutorials sections is coming soon. Until the Tutorials are published, you can find the following posts that provide a guide towards trying out the features of the software:

  1. Follow the installation guide to set-up on your machine. That will get the demo visualisation tool running.
  2. Find the documentation here to get to know the configuration options for frames, lighting positions and targets, etc. To get the best out of each of the features, the configuration options are key.
  3. For Experiments and Evaluations:
    • See this post for automating light positioning process using spherical distribution.
    • See this post for comparing existing light stage designs.
    • See this post for why we use the CoV metric for comparing balance of lighting positions.
  4. For Tuning & Optimisation:
    • See the documentation for how to improve spherical lighting balance by auto-adjusting light brightness.
  5. For Hardware-In-The-Loop:
    • Follow the development here on newly introduced lighting control sequences.
    • An Example How-To here to get a set of baseline light power outputs serving via an HTTP API.
  6. For Known Issues, Workarounds and New Issues

Tutorials – Coming Soon

  1. Getting Started: Running Demos ( coming soon )
  2. Getting Started: Experiments & Evaluations ( coming soon )
  3. Getting Started: Tuning & Optimisation ( coming soon )
  4. Getting Started: Hardware-In-The-Loop ( coming soon )

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