Build a Light Stage

An Open Source Software and Open Hardware Design project for communities to build better Light Stages with standardised and measurable light and capture sequences for high resolution 3d model reconstruction with photo-realistic surface textures.

Project Actionables

🚀 Software to help guide stage designs for 3d reconstruction. [install guide]
✔️ Articles on construction phases including design decisions. [articles]
💡 Articles on capture sequences (coming soon), photometric stereo/ 3d reconstructions algorithms (coming soon) and hardware designs [1], [2].
💡 Links to state-of-art software, research articles and survey papers for 3d reconstruction. [resources]

Project Key Features


Light Stage platforms offer a wide range of applications beyond cinematography in automation and in reducing the effort of 3d model generation.

  • Quality control in manufacturing process lines, such as product defect or anomaly recognition.
  • Medical dermatological condition recognition.
  • Phenotypic registration and measurement in crops and flora.
  • Aerodynamic deformation testing of high-spec engineered components.
  • Motion and animation capture for 3d model generation.
  • Gesture modelling for affective robotics.
  • Game animation and artefact 3d modelling.
  • Modelling heritage and contemporary objects for precise replicative manufacture, e.g. with 3d printers.
  • Data collection for model and animated behavioural generation, for interactive entertainment.
  • Even possibilities for 3d modelling of cellular interactions at reduced scale.

Getting Started

Check out the install guide and the getting started articles to see what you can get done.

Joining the community

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Support or Sponsor Us

As with all Open Source Projects for good causes, this one needs financial support.

If you would like to see this project progress as much as we do, please consider donating towards a Day’s Project Work and even tell us which features are most important to your goals or your organisation.